A fairy tale

Once there was a cider.

With our dandy hare and our gypsy fox, our goal is to rejuvenate the image of cider and make Wignac an exceptional and enjoyable drink that will transport you into a unique world where tradition meets innovation.

Discover Wignac

Unique natural recipes made in the Ardennes.

Thirst and sound

Wignac wants to reinvent the way of drinking: healthier, natural and responsible.

Naturally gluten free

Cider is a gluten-free and low-calorie drink.

100% pressed juice

Our cider are 100% pure juice and without sulphite.

A tasty selection

Our range

100% natural no added sugar and gluten free. Made of pure juice with no sulphite.

Le Lièvre 33cl.

100% pure apple juice

Le Lièvre 75cl.

100% pure apple juice

Le Goupil 33cl.

100% pure fruit and grape juice

Le Goupil 75cl.

100% pure fruit and grape juice

Discover Wignac

Our philosophy

The origins of Wignac are at the heart of all decisions and the future

Our goal is to revive orchards and help recreate jobs in the region.

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Refined, refreshing, balanced and charming.
A real dandy!